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Monday, January 18, 2016

More Advanced Accounting payroll updates

Some years are busier than others when it comes to payroll updates and features.   This year has been more hectic than usual.

Mainly this has been due to new features such as the new e-filing option (added towards the end of 2015 and for which testing was completed in early January of this year) and better support for reporting the cost of employer sponsored health plans (added in November of last year) rather than government mandated changes. 

To ease future updates, we have also made the calculation for the additional medicare tax open-ended into the future since it appears to be here to stay.  We've also added a new feature in the PR-F FUTA/SUTA history report to allow access to PR archives to include terminated employees in that particular option.  The PR-K option has been enhanced to allow for from/to wage bracket amounts in excess of $1,000,000 (necessary to fully and properly implement California tax tables, for example). The federal tables and the tables for California and several other states have also been updated.  Some states have posted no changes.

Oregon's complex existing logic has been updated to match January 1, 2016 required changes for that state (and our new e-filing capability is available to meet their paperless filing requirement for W-2's).  The internal required logic for Massachusetts has been updated including exemption amounts; standard exemption updates have also been made for Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota and Vermont.  Users will also need to update PR-K state tax table changes in these and potentially other states.  Rhode Island's maximum wage limit has been updated but users will still need to update PR-K state tax code RIA (for example). More state changes will be made as they are identified.

Other programs providing for payroll capabilities often involve end user charges that on a monthly basis exceed the cost of an annual Advanced Accounting payroll update.  Our goal will be to continue to offer a feature-rich payroll module at a low cost of operation.    

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