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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Settting up customer discounts for early payments

This is easy to accomplish in Advanced Accounting,

You can always allow a discount on a customer payment  in AR (accounts receivable) option C where customer payments are processed regardless of the circumstances (for example:  you receive the payment on the 11th day following the invoice date and the discount period for the invoice was 10 days; you may still choose to let the customer take that discount even if the system doesn't automatically compute it).

To setup a specific terms number that allows the software to calculate the discount,  you would proceed to  SY (system maintenance) option B (Enter/Chg Terms Info).   Press Insert on your keyboard or click on the Insert button  to add a new terms number which will default to the next available number, or you can specify the number.   Alternatively you can edit an existing terms number to have discount characteristics (or to remove them).

If adding a new terms number:

Input an appropriate description such as 2%/10 NET 30.

In the discount column input:   2  (for a 2% discount).

In the type column input:    %
(to indicate that it is a percent type discount)

In the days column input:  10  (the discount period)

Max days: 30     (i.e., the desired number of days until due)

Use:   R  meaning this terms number is only for customers and you aren't going to use these same terms for accounts payable or purchase orders (or for all, just enter A).

Calc how:  A

To make this terms number the default for sales orders for a given established or new customer, input this new terms # as the default in the customer's AR-A maintenance screen. 

Most importantly:  when  creating sales orders, i.e. input the desired discount terms number to trigger the automatic calculation when later recording payments.   This value will be initially assigned to the customer's default terms value as established in AR-A.