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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Advanced Accounting 8 release 9

We are pleased to announce the availability of release 9 in the Advanced Accounting 8 series as we continue to develop, support, and enhance programs included in this software package.  In addition, we have recently updated and enhanced its signature capture capabilities.

Some of the updates include (see legend at end):

AR-E statements: resolved issue involving batches when using non-encrypted settings and adding troubleshooting information in the send e-mail program for non-encrypted e-mail.

AR-J Print customer labels: resolved issue when specifying dollar thresholds

Consistent handling of type "C" vendor credits in AP-B, AP-D and in the Addsum synch customer/vendor transactions utility

New IC-B-B customer special prices report option.  (Print price list is now IC-B-A.)

IC-J global price changes - add support for also changing special prices plus record locking improvements

PO-B print PO's - when saving preferences, the preview option wasn't being set if changed, resolved

Multiple PO prepayment handling in AP-B and PO-D (which now can handle multiple prepayments per a single invoice received in PO-D) improved

POS-J  configuration:  clerk list wasn't refreshing when new clerk added; resolved

PR-D payroll check posting has an additional validation to prevent duplicate check  numbers from being processed  

Direct deposit (PR module) enhancements (standard support included in the program but requires some special setup); e-mail notification program updated

SO-A improving price matrix decimal precision regardless of end user settings (same issue addressed in IC-A)

SO-F/N print invoice - multiple copies (with different invoice header verbiage that is user defined) and also e-mailing at the same time is now possible

SO-F/N print/reprint nvoices - new option to show tax rate

SO-I recurring SO entry - adding support for a recurring order generated every 3 months  (SO-J not required to be updated to support this change )

The help file formats have all been updated (PDF version is now 614 pages long).

Legend for module abbreviations above:

AR = Accounts receivable

IC = Inventory control

SO = Sales order

PO = Purchase order

POS = Point-of-sale

PR = payroll

In addition, and building on some past work incorporating signature capture in the POS module, we have integrated this option into the SO module (not as a standard feature inasmuch as it requires a separate hardware purchase plus both our software and software from the manufacturer of the device).   


Topaz Advanced Accounting interface
Topaz T-LBK462-HSB-R and our interface via the SO module of Advanced Accounting

Signatures are associated with invoice numbers and can be retrieved via SO-N invoice reprints.

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