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Friday, November 1, 2019

TAS Premier 7i release 15 published

Yesterday (10/31/19) we published release 15 in the TAS Premier 7i series.

In late May of this year, we outlined some of the new features of this release.

The TAS Premier 7i updates page provides additional details and a download link for this update (which assumes a prior installation through rel. 14).   

For new installs, the TAS Premier 7i download page contains the latest download link.

This release is also what developers should preferably use who are making custom modifications for the recently release Advanced Accounting 8  (Adv 8) and is one of the driving reasons for us to release this now rather than later, although, other recent TAS Premier releases are also compatible for developing Adv 8 programs.  Another reason relates to ongoing enhancements for CodeBase development and because the TAS Premier data dictionary itself uses CodeBase format files.   Advanced Accounting also uses CodeBase format files for all its memo fields (notes) and for other supplemental files.   We are increasingly using it in custom programming projects including several non-accounting software systems that solely use it.  It has more than proven to be a durable option.

An updated TAS Premier 7i PDF is is also on our store page.   The PDF help/reference file is now 780 pages long and is not included in the new install nor or update packages.   However they do include an eBook format help file as well as a standard Windows CHM help file.

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