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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Adv 8 autocomplete and SO notes display

To document just two of the many new features in the upcoming release of Advanced Accounting 8, this first video covers the new "autocomplete" feature when entering a product code in the enter/change sales order option:

There is a new setup option in SY-A-B that allows you to default the "autocomplete" check box either on or off.

A second video covers a new feature with respect to the display of notes attached to sales order line items:

A mentioned in the videos, for now we have added the autocomplete and note display feature in sales order entry only, but that may be expanded in the future to purchase orders and quotes (with respect to both features), and the autocomplete feature may be expanded to other inventory/product code lookups  as well as to other types of lookups. 

(Your browser will need the ability to support videos in MP4 format.  If you have any issues in playing these recordings, please let us know.)

Technical tidbits:

The autocomplete feature simulates to a fairly high degree what end users are experiencing when searching for information on-line.  The term  autosuggest is another way it is sometimes referred to as well as: look ahead, typeahead, search-as you-type, incremental search, instant search and others.

In the TAS Professional/Premier programming world which includes software products like Advanced Accounting,  we've long had this feature in lookup lists or grids where it has been referred to as "Fast Search."   In fact, in graphical versions of the TAS programming language, data grids have even included a property called FastSearchFld to reference a text field that is connected to the grid for the purposes of finding matching characters in that field as they are typed.

How this new autcomplete feature has been implemented, however, is from a single entry field that it not connected to a grid and so in that respect is new, and in fact was not realistically possible until our release of TAS Premier 7i release 11 which included enhancements to the TListBox object.

Users should hopefully understand how to select the desired item to "complete" the rest of the product/item code but it does have to work a little differently than an autocompletion in a web browser search:  the main difference is that you don't press the enter key nor use up/down arrow keys to select the available option in the list box beneath the product code entry field but instead use a pointing device to select/click the desired item: it then auto fills the product code field and moves the user automatically to the product description field (which is in turn then automatically populated with the product code's default description as established in the inventory module).

Adv 8 autocomplete

Advanced Accounting 8 main menu

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