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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Running Advanced Accounting from a Mac (or iPad)

Advanced Accounting is designed to natively run from Microsoft operating systems.  We normally only provide support therefore for the software running on a Microsoft server or workstation/desktop operating system.

For quite some time now, a Mac or iPad could still though access the software using a remote desktkop equivalent application (or app in the case of an iPad).

With the recent introduction of  OS X Mavericks there are now more options.

An Advanced Accounting 7i user recently tested running the accounting software with Parallels 9 running Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks and has reported that it works flawlessly.

The Advanced Accounting software in this case exists on a Windows-based server.  Parallels was installed on a Mac Book Pro which then allows you to install Windows 8.1 as a virtual machine.   One desktop can then be run with OS X Mavericks and a second with Windows 8.1 simultaneously.    In the Windows 8.1 desktop,  Pervasive engine can be installed, and Advanced Accounting 7i ran apparently just as efficiently as if run on a Windows client in this configuration.    There is also a Coherence mode that can run Windows programs directly on the Mac desktop, and this also reportedly ran perfectly.

(Thanks to Andrew Sawitoski for providing this information.)

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